CPR Training saves lives! Harper’s Embrace Lifesaver Program offers no-cost, CPR classes for adults and children to learn CPR skills. Our continuing goal is to offer all members of our communities free CPR education programs.

Statistically, the more rapidly CPR is initiated, the greater the chance of survival. Did you know most cardiac and breathing emergencies occur in the home with family members present? This is why CPR Training is crucial, the life you save is most likely a loved one. What if someone you loved suffered cardiac arrest in front of your very eyes? Would you have the knowledge and training needed to preform CPR that might save their lives?

 Consider the facts:

  • Over 1.5 Million heart attacks occur each year,
  • Drowning and choking are some of the leading causes of deaths in children,
  • 88% of the nearly 383,000 out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests that happen each year, take place at home. (American Heart Association)
  • CPR is not just for heart attacks – each year, over 7 Million adults and children suffer disabling injuries each year as a result of accidents that may require CPR. (American Heart Association)

The simple reality is there is a great likelihood someone you love will be affected by cardiac arrest sometime in his or her life. While it is crucial to call 911, what happens in the precious moments it takes emergency services to respond can mean the difference between life and death and this is where CPR Training helps. Sign up for one of our free CPR classes today – the life you save may be that of a loved one.